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If the lock has broken Lockmsiths Chetserfield will always ( where possible) try and repair the lock before changing it

Lockmsiths Chesterfield carry a numbe of locks on our fully stock vans so we cann come and change all mostt any lock on the first visit

Locksmith Chetserfield will come out at any time day or night to oened any locksm when you are lock out or locked in.

We can fix any UPVC door or window locking problem with no need for new doors and windows

We can cut keys on site for all new locks suppiled by us saving you time and money going to cobblers to have keys cut

Locksmiths Chetserfield can fitted any type of lock from scratch so if you require extra locks fitting on your door you know who to call.


Mortice locks Locksmiths chesterfield

Locksmiths Chesterfield are fully qualified to open (without any damage to your doors) and replace

mortice locks, as well as fitting them from scratch on a new door or as extra security on your existing door. 

We only use Bristish Standard mortice locks on external doors so they comply with your insurance company's

requirements. These types of locks should be fitted to all wooden exterior doors on your property. We also can fit

these locks so that they all work with the same key which saves you carrying a number of keys around and paying

for multiple keys to be cut


Yale cylinders & Nightlatches Chesterfield Locksmiths

 Locksmiths in Chesterfield can open, replace, supply and fit new yale cylinder or nightlatches should you require.

Yale locks should be fitted as seconday locks on external doors, not as the main lock as this will invalidate your insurance. In the event of a claim all wooden external doors should have a 5 lever British Standard mortice lock fitted. Yale locks are good for internal doors on shared accommodation as they give you that little bit of extra security but allow you to exit the room in an emergency without the need for a key



UPVC door & window Mechanisms

Locksmiths Chesterfield are UPVC Specialists in Chesterfield. We can open any UPVC door or window if the locking mechanism has failed, with no damage to the door or window, using our knowledge and specialist tools. We can also supply and fit new mechanisms for you including ones that are no longer made or discontinued. Sometimes the reason you can't lock or unlock the door is due to the door being out of alignment which we can rectified for a fraction of the cost of a new door.



Key Safes from a locksmith in chesterfield

Key safes are great value for money for when you need to have multiple people using the same door but don't want them to have a key at all times. We mainly fit these for Social Services and home care companies on elderly & infirm person's residences. These key safes allow access to a key at all times but it can only be accessed with the correct combination number. This allows carers and other authorised visitors to get in at any time if the home owner is unable to unlock the door themselves.



Door handles

Our expert Locksmiths can visit your property to replace the door handles. Whether they are broken, looking old or you just fancy a change of colour we are happy to come out and change them for you. We carry a selection of UPVC door handles on our van but there over 80 different types so we won't always have the right ones in stock but that's no problem we place orders daily and can have them fitted for you the next day at no extra cost


Cylinder Locks Locksmith in Chesterfield

These types of locks can normally be found in UPVC doors. There are 2 types, firstly there are the standard cylinders that are fitted as standard in most UPVC doors and secondly there are the Anti-Snap type which can be fitted on all doors with no change to the cosmetic look of the door or handles. We are happy to come out to your property to open, replace or upgrade these types of lock at a time to suit you. We have some great offers on anti-snap locks right now so please ask when calling to book a locksmith visit.


If you happen to own a property, or several properties, that you rent out, you will, from time to time, need

the services of an emergency locksmith. Once a tenant has moved out or been evicted, it will be necessary to

change all of the locks and issue new keys to a new tenant. Call the professionals at G & M locksmiths in Chesterfield

for emergency service on your rental properties. We will respond quickly and have your locks changed so that you

can prepare for the next tenant. Need an Emergency Locksmith in Chesterfield?

Then Give us a Call Today 01246 690013.

 For security reasons, landlords should change the locks every time a tenant leaves. This is especially true in a situation where the tenant leaving is angry one. If the tenant was evicted or did not receive a security deposit back, they may be a little perturbed at the landlord. If they still have access to the property, they may, unfortunately, get inside and damage the property. Landlords should protect themselves by having all locks and keys changed. With locations all throughout the North Derbyshire area, our locksmiths are able to respond to your needs and do so quickly. We can be at your site within a 30 to 45 minute window ready to assist you with your locksmithing needs.

Whether you are a landlord or just a homeowner who needs to get inside his or her home, we can provide solution to your problems. We are the Chesterfield area’s premier locksmith service provider and have built a reputation of excellence in dealing with emergencies, repairs, or simply offering advice and tips. We know that not all landlords live in the same places as the houses they rent out. So to that end we can go to the property make a entry change the locks and post the keys recorded delivery to you and invoice you for the work.


We will not carry out any work with out speaking to the landlord first and inform them of the cost involved if when on site any more work is required we will contact you and inform you before carrying them out.


Locks Fitted
Keys Cut
UPVC Door /windows
locks Opened
Locks Changed
locks Repaired

we are only a phone call away

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